Most beautiful moment in donor journey is see how happy people can be just becouse you have what they need to and you agree sharing
It is hard to believe, but women are born with about 400,000 ovums. Unlike what you were told in health class in high school, each month not 1, but up to 40+ ovums can be “candidates” to be combined with sperm for a pregnancy
So, you are thinking of maybe becoming an Egg Donor, but you’re not sure if you even qualify. Below are some of the basic qualities we look for in an Egg Donor:

  • In good shape – physically and mentally

  • Between 18 - 30 years old

  • Have smarts, talent, and looks

  • A non-smoker

  • Able to use some extra money

  • Dependable, mature, and able to keep appointments
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How It Works
Make an offer to find a future recipient
Tell your preferences and get advice on our services.
Find a person or family who will match an necessary requirements
Once an agreement is reached, we match the donor and the person who is looking for him. We provide with an interpreter, an assistant and help find a future recipient with the best offer.
Take all necessary tests at a medical clinic
A future donor needs to take tests at a medical clinic and receive a results for evaluation. Payment for tests and other medical services is on our side. The donor only needs to follow the regimen of sleep and nutrition, be in a good mood and follow an other recommendations.
Prepare to travel
All questions about the flight, accommodation, selection of a clinic, we decide for you. A donor does not need to worry about this. We will arrange some of the best conditions for you.
Travel to the country and place where the procedure will take
Will be picked up at an airport and transferred to donor's hotel. Personal assistant will be help for the entire trip. We pay a donor's cab fare for the entire time until all procedures are completed.
Take all necessary tests at a medical clinic
Will need to take the necessary medical tests again before the procedure. This time at the clinic where the procedure takes place.
Do the stimulation
In a medical clinic and under a supervision of doctors, undergo the stimulation procedure before the main procedure. Duration 1 week.
Go through the procedure
Egg donation procedure - after the stimulation procedure takes in a few hours.
Receive financial compensation
When the entire process of donating donor eggs is complete, a donor receives financial compensation depending on the terms of the donation agreement.
Take a rest
Additionally, we compensate a donor for one week of hotel accommodation. A donor can spend this time at free discretion until the time of departure.
Go back
A donor's coming. We pay for the plane ticket and cab to a place of residence. Additionally, we have other nice benefits for egg donors.
Advantages of working with us
Safe, reliable, profitable
Any questions?
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