Here are some popular questions
How long will the whole process take?
The process usually takes a few months, including matching, screening, and medical procedures. From the moment you decide on a donor until the moment the eggs are collected at the clinic, 2-3 weeks pass.
What types of donors do you have?
We work mainly with donors of European and Slavic appearance. If you want to find a donor of a specific national group, please inform us of all the details before the start of the selection.
How much does it cost?
The cost of the search varies depending on the recipient's preferences and information about the donor. Donor search and matching services start at $10,000, including donor fees, medical and transportation costs.

Clinic medical services are paid separately by the recipient and typically start at $6,000.

Egg delivery is charged separately and depends on the clinic and delivery location.
How can I ensure that I'll receive eggs from the donor I've selected?
During the egg donation program, we send the family photos and videos confirming that the donor has arrived at the clinic and is undergoing preparation for the egg retrieval. Additionally, after the retrieval, we provide updates on the results and the number of follicles obtained.
If a donor declines or has unfavorable test results at the clinic, can I select another one?
If a donor declines to participate in the program, we can discuss alternative participation times or select another donor. If the family has already paid for the donation program but the donor is medically rejected during the program, we find another donor and enroll them in the program at no additional cost to the family.
Which clinics and countries are you partnered with?
We collaborate with clinics in China, Cambodia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Albania, Europe, and America. Clients often choose a clinic in a country that is easily accessible and cost-effective for them.
Can i choose an egg donor based on physical appearance?
With our help, clients choose a donor based on external characteristics such as eye color, hair color, height, and ethnicity so that the child will have similar characteristics to the future parents.
What is the probability of a successful pregnancy with donor eggs?
The probability of a successful pregnancy with donor eggs is about 70-90%, depending on the age and health of the recipient and the quality of the donor eggs.
What information about the donor can i receive?
You may receive information about the donor's medical history, genetic status, physical description, education, interests and, in some cases, childhood photos.
Do you provide medical services?
Ovum Agency specializes in consulting and organizational services for the selection of egg donors. We do not provide medical services and are not a medical organization.
Any questions?
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